Design Services Mean Something Different to Everyone

Maybe you are creative and resourceful, but just need help pulling it all together… or perhaps you are completely overwhelmed, not sure where to start.

Either way, I will provide a realistic plan based on your goals and budget.


Accessorizing – How to blend them all together using proper proportion.

Lighting – How to best use artificial light and enhancement of natural light. Choosing lamps, layering light.

Space planning – Make better use of your existing space… large or small.

Window Treatments – Drapes, blinds? Which one? Where? What style? Why?

Additions/Renovations – Looking to make a major addition/renovation to your living space? Update an outdated kitchen or bathroom? Or just in need a few small changes? My contracting team and I will carry your project through to completion.

Ready for Nancy to help you transform the space you’re in? Call 206.282.2323 or email Nancy today.