Color and Design Services

The Seasons of the Pacific Northwest are my Muses

Considering how much time we spend inside our homes, it’s best we feel supported by and happy within the interiors of our lives year-round.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, there has never been a shortage of seasonal changes from which to draw inspiration: from my favorite springtime “new leaf” green to blazing fall colors, to a myriad of rainy day grays to crisp white snow that sparkles like diamonds. The Pacific Northwest spoils those of us who live here and I do not take it for granted, considering what I do as an Interior Color Consultant.

There are a variety of ways I work with my clients. Let me design an experience that gets you the space your heart desires. How can I be of service?

Color Consultations

the most cost-effective way to change the look and feeling of a space or home’s facade.

Interior & Exterior

We can achieve the desired look and vibe of a space through a unique color palette designed around you
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Design Services

We provide a realistic plan based on your goals and budget.

Creative & Resourceful

Design Services Mean Something Different to Everyone
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Give Your Home a New Look and “Feel” with an Interior Re-Design Decorating Service

Your Room Reimagined

Using existing furniture, accessories and artwork your room will be transformed into a more functional, beautiful, and stylish space
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Shopping for the Home

We make practical purchases that are sure to bring style and delight into your surroundings.

Your Style, You in mind

We are happy to accompany you or make practical purchases that fit your style
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