When I was a kid, I got to choose the paint color for my bedroom. I chose this gorgeous orange for the walls. The shag rug was chartreuse green and the bedspread was a flower power motif, a combination of the orange, bright green and yellow. I had a cool desk, a lamp, a few decorative items and some posters on the walls. When it was all put together, I would delight spending time there. Walking in felt like a big ‘Ahh’. This was my own special sanctuary. The new wall color lifted my spirit, made me feel happy and energized. The colors, decor and energy of the space affected me significantly.

My Dad had suddenly passed shortly before the transformation of my bedroom and I felt lost and confused, unable to make sense of the world with my child perspective. Being a highly sensitive kid, being surrounded by my favorite colors in my own sanctuary is where I felt safe. I believe the colors and energy I put in to making my room aesthetically beautiful helped heal my broken heart. I am forever grateful that my Mom knew to provide this for me.

We are influenced by color all the time – sometimes subtly and sometimes dramatically. Our surroundings deeply affect our mood, perceptions, whether we feel safe or not. Think of the difference in your perception between entering a beautifully decorated five star hotel lobby with all the sumptuous textures, gorgeous furniture, art, flowers and colors compared to a visit to the post office. It’s obvious, right?

The colors that you feel good in are specific to you. They might relate to memories that you have from where you grew up or places you visited. I help my clients transform their spaces in to sanctuaries and to experience their homes with that wonderful feeling of ‘Ahh, I’m home. This is my sanctuary.’ Let’s transform your space in to your sanctuary. Contact Interior Shift today!

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