Have you tried choosing paint colors, fabrics and accessories that will help you create “that” space you have dreamed about?

You try so hard to choose colors that work well together, compliment each other and make a statement.

The problem is that the statement you ended up making wasn’t what you wanted to say, and the dream became a nightmare. Time to start again.

For most people, choosing the right color combination is not an easy thing. Very few of us have the color wheel and all of its combinations committed to memory.

We may remember what the primary colors are, but do we remember what the secondary or tertiary colors are? Do we even need to?

Nevertheless, color is fun. It’s exciting to go to the paint store.

There are thousands of beautiful colors to choose from – maybe that’s part of the problem. There are so many, sometimes you’re not sure where to begin!

That’s where a trained color consultant comes in.

After having visited your home, a color consultant will:

Trained color consultants understand color:

They don’t just understand how it looks, but how…

A side benefit of working with a color consultant is that it can be fun to have someone to brainstorm with. It’s an extra bonus that a color consultant can help take the stress out of choosing just the right colors.

I am a trained color consultant, and I am also trained in Feng Shui principles. I use color, Feng Shui, organization and redesign to create beautiful spaces. I love working with people to help them re-create and refresh their environment.


“Nancy has a real gift for color and her enthusiasm is infectious! I have the perfect color palette for my home now. She took into consideration all aspects: the feel I wanted to create, the rooms’ use, and versatility, and more. The process is allot of fun. It is true that color makes a huge statement about the feel of a home. I am excited about getting the paint on the walls and having Nancy help me accessorize! It was truly a collaborative process. Thank you, Nancy for your expertise!”

~Helen Gmazel, Bothell

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