We all know that the accessories you wear with an outfit can change it’s look. You can take a simple black dress and by adding pearls you dress it up, by adding a scarf you dress it down.

The principles of accessorizing your home can work in the same way. The items that you choose for a room will make it casual or formal.

If accessorized correctly the room will look cohesive and comfortable or it can look cluttered and disorganized.

Do you remember the last time you went into a department store and everything was arranged just right? It seemed to just pull you right in. That’s good merchandising.

Then think of a time when you went into a store and it was visual chaos… aisles in disarray, shelves overcrowded, displays mismatched and clothing racks unorganized. It seemed to push you right back out.

Our homes can leave those same impressions, not only with our guests, but with our families.

There are principles for good home accessorizing:

Homes that are devoid of accessories are extremely bland and lifeless.

Most of us have many wonderful and useful accessories around our home that can be moved to other locations or arranged differently, and they will make a entirely new impact. Going shopping (as fun as that is) isn’t always necessary.

If you’re feeling challenged with how to accessorize a room or your entire home, let’s get together.

I am a trained color consultant, and I am also trained in Feng Shui principles. I use color, Feng Shui, organization and redesign to create beautiful spaces. I love working with people to help them re-create and refresh their environment.

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